Home Insurance

Insure your home against the unexpected We offer policies for homes, seasonal properties, condominiums, mobile homes, and pretty much any type of owned or rented dwelling. Typically a home is quite an investment and mortgage payments take on average about a third of your income.  This goes for renters too.  With so much going into your home you must protect your family against things like fire, break-ins, and other unforeseen events.  With a good insurance policy, you will have peace of mind and feel more secure knowing that everything will be taken care of.

Vehicle Insurance

Insure your vehicle with a smarter policy and get glass coverage. You legally need auto insurance to drive. This usually leads people to get the minimum coverage. However, with our huge selection of providers there are many reasons why full coverage with auto glass protection might be a better fit for you. Reliant Insurance brokers can help you select the right policy for you and narrow down the list of providers to the ones offering you the most reasonable rates. We have access to several discounts.

Life & Disability Insurance

Provide for your loved ones in the event you become incapacitated or deceased. Leave nothing unfinished and help ease the suffering of your family by getting enough coverage to ensure that they can comfortably return to normal.

Visitor, Travel, Trip Cancellation Insurance & Medical Coverage

If you are planning a trip, the benefits of travel insurance speak for themselves. Reliant Insurance can help you select and set up your policy to make sure that you and your family are covered while you travel. We also have access to several discounts and more valuable policy terms.

RV & Motorcycle Insurance

At these rates, recreational vehicles and motorcycles should always be insured. Whether you own a RV, Boat or other pleasure vehicle, you should insure it. These things are more than just modes of transportation, they are valuable assets and usually have a significant amount of meaning to their owners. Insuring your Boat or RV will cover the asset as well as all the extra valuables we often keep within them. Usually we keep things like jewellery, clothing, and electronics in our recreational vehicles and these items are often hard to replace without insurance. Did you know that when you park your RV in a camp site you can be held liable for the area surrounding your RV? Finally, consider what happens if your RV breaks down on a trip. You will need a place to stay and you might enjoy a little help from someone like and Reliant Insurance broker to make sure that you and your family are cared for on the road.

Are you looking for other types of insurance?

The purpose of insurance is to compensate you in cases of unexpected losses.  The purpose of an insurance broker is to help you understand and set-up your insurance coverage with an insurance provider and to assist you when you need to process a claim. Sometimes brokers work directly on behalf of a specific insurance provider and other times insurance brokers can work independently. Reliant Insurance is an independent brokerage. Independent insurance brokers are well positioned to help you compare the various advantages and costs of various policies available from numerous insurance providers.  Here at Reliant Insurance, we are certified to administer policies for many different brokers and many different types of insurance.  What kinds of things should you consider when selecting your insurance broker?

  • Location
  • Years of Operation
  • The Number of Providers and Policies

You will greatly benefit from an insurance broker who is accessible to you with a relatively easy commute. We are located on Edmonton’s South Side just off the Whitemud on 50th street.  You should also make it a priority to find a broker who can understand and communicate with you.  Reliant has a large multi-lingual staff who can help you (or your family) in the language they are most comfortable with.  That’s important.