What happens if you get into a parking lot accident in Alberta?

Parking lot collisions are more common than people realize. While most parking lot accidents are minor, serious damage and injury can still occur.

Parking lot insurance

Parking lot insurance

Some examples of common parking lot collisions are:

  • A car hitting a legally parked vehicle
  • A vehicle colliding with a stationary object
  • A car hitting a pedestrian or cyclist
  • Two moving vehicles backing up and colliding with each other
  • A vehicle rear-ending another vehicle at a stop sign

Steps to take in the event of a parking lot collision

Although parking lot accidents happen on private property, they need to be treated in the same way an accident on a public road is approached. Should you find yourself in a parking lot collision, check to see if anyone is injured first and call 911 in the event of an emergency. If there are no injuries to either party, exchange information with the other driver, including insurance, registration, and driver’s license information.

Call your insurance company to file a claim and a representative will advise you of the next course of action to take. You’ll need to visit a licensed auto shop for an estimate on the damages and if it exceeds $2000, you will need to file a police report.

Determining who’s at fault in a parking lot accident

Determining fault in a parking lot accident can be difficult due to a number of factors. In the event of two moving vehicles backing up into each other, both drivers will be deemed at fault. Should your moving vehicle hit a legally parked car, you are at fault for the accident.

Like any other car accident, the fault is determined on a case by case basis. It’s advisable to give as much detail as possible when describing the collision and provide pictures of damages on both vehicles if applicable.

Is a parking lot accident covered by insurance?

Yes, provided that you have proper collision insurance on your policy. You are required to report all accidents to your insurer, including parking lot collisions, which are applied to the same rules as any other accident by insurance companies.

For more information about how you can protect yourself in the event of a parking lot accident, get in touch with a representative at Reliant Insurance today. We are ready to answer your questions.

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